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About The M=3D2 Website

Ongoing Development

by Marcus Rivers

This website was created in January 2021 after studying several PHP-MVC Design Patterns at the Learn Programming Academy, as well as taking input from several other sources on and off the internet.

By selecting, studying several implementations, then implementing my own MVC framework based on this research and tutoring, I have quickly implemented the core of my requirements for my own web based Portfolio, in addition to improving my own programming skills from the ground up, instead of choosing a pre-built 'click and drag' consumer solution.

Having a working MVC of my own design and code-base, developed in conjunction with industry professional tutoring, allows me full understanding of the solution and ability to develop and improve the website as my needs evolve, while ensuring my design is scalable, reliable and secure by utilizing the knowledge of others.

In this early conception, the website has achieved what I set out to do. Behind the scenes, much work continues in refining the codebase, structure and styling to improve the MVC solution into a complete professional application incorperating new developement abilities as i master them.

Online Portfolio

The principle reason for its development, was to create an online portfolio of my recent personal design projects, to demonstrate the extensive range of skills I possess.

Reference Area

The secondary reason was to have an easily available online reference for my programming. This is intended to be a continuous work in progress, that i can update as i discover and learn solutions to programming problems.

Because I am developing over several areas, I had amassed a large collection of paper notes and electronic documents. Because it can be considerble time between active developments in different languages, it is important to have an accessable reference to important design and code solutions that I can quickly refer too when switching discliples.

Full Deployment

The third reason was to live-test my implementation of the MVC solution I have created. In addition, I have made it CSS responsive, so that it performs acceptably on phones, tablets, laptops, and my PC (intended use). I am very pleased that I succeeded in providing a reference system that i can rapidly navigate on any kind of device.

Credit where it is due

Few affordable sources offer genuine value for money and provide professional expertize, but the Learn Programming Academy really is a first-class source of teaching materials, with excellent tutors. Therefore, it a pleasure to recommend them, and that credit is freely given.

  • LPA/Udemy PHP - thanks to Dave Hollingworth
  • LPA/Udemy MVC - thanks to Dave Hollingworth
  • LPA/Udemy MVC - thanks to Brad Traversy
  • LPA/Udemy C++ - thanks to Frank Mitropoulis
  • LPA/Udemy Java Design Patterns - thanks to Jason Fedin
  • LPA/Udemy Unreal Engine - thanks to Stephen Ulibarri
  • LPA/Udemy Unreal Engine - thanks to GameDev.tv

Thanks also goes to the YouTubers making professional teaching content available for free.

  • Thanks to Jan Chernikov
  • Thanks to Derek Banas
  • Thanks to Kevin Powell
  • Thanks to Matthew Wadstein
  • Thanks to Ben Cloward
  • Thanks to everyone else I forgot