// 100% Original Design, Development, Engineering, Photography, Adventures & Programming Reference by Marcus Rivers


Fictional Brand. Real Authentication

Marcus = Design Development Dedication, Squared

Humble Origins

Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics has been a lifelong interest of mine...

  • ...M=3D2 is a humourous play on Einsteins famous equation E=MC2

M=3D2 is a fictional brand I created to authenticate this body of work. In an age where fakeness and trickery is a click away, incorperating M=3D2 and the M-logo fundamentally into my work, ensures that it is 100% verifiable original content created by myself.


Like all inspirations, the meaning of M=3D2 has evolved and refined into...

  • M = Marcus
  • 3D is what I've worked in most of my life
  • 3D expands to Design, Development, Dedication. Which beautifully summarizes my work
  • Squared because i am exponentially good at it!