// 100% Original Design, Development, Engineering, Photography, Adventures & Programming Reference by Marcus Rivers


Welcome To The Website

My Online Design Portfolio

This website documents my Professional Capability, Recent Works and Activities.
  • All works, including this website, is original content created by myself, Marcus Rivers.
  • These works began in late 2018, and development in ongoing.
I have made all this because
  • I want to demonstrate my capabilities and dedication.
  • I would like employers to take notice.
  • I would like to return to work soon.
  • I enjoy learning new skills to create my own original work.
What this website contains
  • The [PROJECTS] section details the work I would like you to see.
  • The [REFERENCE] section I have made to document the areas I have been studying.
  • The [ADVENTURE] section will give you an idea of my character and interests.
  • The [INFO] section will give you an idea of my professional capabilities.
  • I can be contacted [HERE]
Phase 1
  • The website is currently in Phase 1 Rapid Development.
  • Create a functional, secure and reliable back-end in PHP using an original MVC framework.
  • Create a functional and tidy UX front-end to demonstrate my core skills.
Phase 2
  • Analyse and Refine Code Base.
  • Refinement of Graphic Design and User Experience.
  • Edit Article Structure, Readability and Improve Content.